Road Trip


Our concept of transportation to the world! Creating a model that meets today's urban transportation needs with design that expresses freedom, practicality and luxury was our biggest challenge. With dedication and constant search for improvement, we reach the first goals of our goals. We proudly have our vehicles with the challenges we have achieved. After much research and work we come to a concept that covers the greatest needs of urban transport. Our vehicles are lightweight and sturdy to withstand a daily routine without the worry of constant maintenance. With low maintenance costs are vehicles adapted to urban needs. The reality of electric transport has arrived to stay and modify the daily routine in the big cities. With problems of space and chaotic transits BraBwo vehicles arrived with the concept of practicality, resistance, elegance and pleasure to guide even in the traffic of big cities. With a more sporting and nostalgic design for those who love to drive through the busy streets of the big cities, a pleasure that had been brought back with BraBwo models. Pleasure is back! To open an authorized BraBwo Veículos dealer contact us by filling out the form below with contact information and your message describing your location and we will contact you or your company as soon as possible. To contact an authorized or our nearest authorized service center, click on BraBwo Authorized Vehicles and contact the nearest authorized dealer by phone, it will be a pleasure to serve you.