Internet Tv


The Brazilian transmission system for the world. Through BraBwo Tv we offer content for all old faxes. Online courses, children's and adult programming focused on personal and professional growth. A space where the family can enjoy and absorb quality content.

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Opportunity knocks


Latest technology built a building containing your own home living space together with some 22 hotel rooms with APP controlled access to all your needs for the shared hotel facilities, give you a home with an easy, cozy, lower-cost-running business, allow you retire earlier. Make bucks while you don’t have to personally attend.

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Road Trip


Our concept of transportation to the world!
Creating a model that meets the current needs of urban transportation with design that expresses freedom, practicality and luxury was our greatest challenge. With dedication and a constant search for improvement our electric vehicle development team has achieved the first goals of our project.
We proudly have our vehicles with the initial challenges achieved.

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Excellence in products.


We are passionate about innovation and obsessed with perfection. This is and will always be our north, seek innovation and work until we reach the perfection of our products and services. The dedication to our ideals is our daily goal and nourishes us with courage and daring to achieve the desired perfection.
In our store we sell more than products, we sell innovation.

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Online School


Available to all who speak the Portuguese language or intend to begin their learning in the language. FBEI is a Teaching Foundation focused on giving students a new learning option. At FBEI students learn only differently by experiencing the content. At FBEI the student gains time and freedom to engage in new activities without having to travel every day, thus gaining more time with his family and friends.

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